We are a collaborative startup, that promotes connection, innovation and the development of the Civil Construction sector. We seek to share knowledge and experiences about Construction and its entire ecosystem, such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable technologies, AI and much more...

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Innovation is a process of exploring opportunities that generates economic results. It is presented in several ways: simple, complex, disruptive, technological, among others. Assertiveness will come from the identification of needs and opportunities, from network collaboration, creativity, knowledge generation and learning. WSI is an essential connection platform to foment the development of innovation in the civil construction production chain.

Rafael Fayet

We Shape Innovation adds a lot of value to technological advancement in the construction industry, which is known for its low productivity and for its lag compared to other industries. Connecting the people involved, moving ideas, developing partnerships and workshops is a great contribution to the evolution of the sector.

Guilherme Laini

Innovation has been very dynamic and more and more companies need to seek partners to complement each other, exchange experiences more frequently in order to strengthen themselves and open new opportunities directed by innovation. We believe in WSI’s proposal and we are honored to be part of the partner hub.

Emilio Hoffmann


WSI reúne quase mil pessoas na Expo Unimed

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Evento teve inovação, network e lançamento de novas tecnologias para o setor   A edição 2018 do We Shape Innovation - WSI foi sucesso absoluto. Nesta quinta-feira (09), a Expo…

Comunicação digital no WSI

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A área de vendas é uma das mais importantes para a construção civil. Afinal, é responsável pela conclusão de um processo que começa com um projeto e passa por toda…

WSI terá palestra sobre governança e nova economia

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A gestão empresarial também será tema de palestra no We Shape Innovation – WSI, que acontece na próxima quinta-feira (09), na Expo Unimed, em Curitiba PR. O mestre em Governança,…

WSI apresenta palestra com novas tecnologias em engenharia estrutural

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“Um novo olhar sobre a execução de estruturas de concreto” será o tema da palestra do diretor da Optima Estrutural, Guilherme Laini Silveira, no We Shape Innovation – WSI, que…